Ba Ria - Vung Tau Industry Promotion Center

Center for Industrial Promotion and Industry Development Consultancy of Ba Ria-Vung Tau was established and operated on 31/12/2004 based on the 14454/QD.UB of People’s Committee of Ba Ria - Vung Tau, is unit under the Department of Industry of Ba Ria-Vung Tau (now the Department of Trade and Industry). Following the 16/2011/TTLT-BCT-BNV Circular dated 05/4/2011 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Internal Affairs guiding the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure and staffing of the Center for Industrial Promotion and Industry Development Consultancy of Ba Ria - Vung Tau under the Department of Trade and Industry, we have submitted the proposal of strengthening the organization and the apparatus of Center. Then it was approved by the People's Committee of Ba Ria-Vung Tau in Decision dated 07/04/2016 numbered 788/QĐ-UBND. The current organizational structure has the Board of Directors and 03 departments with a total of 20 staffs. 03 departments are:
·        Department of Administration - Generalization.
·        Department of Industrial Promotion.
·        Department of Industrial Developing and Energy Saving Consultancy.


I. The Board of Directors


1. The Director of the Centre

- Mr. Dinh Trong Cuong

- Born in 1971

- Work Phone: 0254.3512190

- Email: or

* Mission: Director of the Centre is the head of the Centre, is directly responsible to the Director of the Department of Trade and Industry, Provincial People’s Committee and the law for the whole action of the Centre.

2. Deputy Director of the Centre

- Mr. Huynh Trung Hai

- Born in: 1985

- Work Phone: 0254.3543340

- E-mail:

* Mission: Deputy Director, helps the Director, manage one or several activities of the Centre as assigned by the latter. The forner is directly responsible to the latter and the law for the assigned tasks

Location and Function
Center is business units under the Department of Trade and Industry ( DTI). Our functions are serving the Nation management of the DTI about the industrial promotion, providing national services in the field of industrial promotion and consulting developing industry following the industry law of Vietnam. The Center is managed nationally by the DTI as well as directed and guided business major and specialty of the Department of Local Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The Center has legal status, operational budget, its own seal, opened the account in the state treasury in accordance with the law.

Functions and Duties

1. Develop programs, plans and schemes for the promotion activities of the competent authorities for approval.

2. Implement the industrial promotion programs, plans and projects were approved.

3. Organise or link to training activities associated training human resources for industrial development, small industry in the province and city.

4. Developing, storage and exploiting electronic data on locally rural industry. Propagation and dissemination of policies and legal documents on industrial development, locally industrial promotion activities.

5. Organise researching activities, surveys, learning experiences, competitions, seminars, fairs and forums to encourage the development of local industry.

6. Organise training of specialization and industrial promotion to units and individuals to participate in activities of industrial promotion.

7. Encourage domestic and foreign organizations, individuals to support funding, facilities, vehicles, machinery, equipment, science and technology in order to implement the program, industrial promotion schemes and participate local promotion activities.

8. Implement service activities, consult and support the development of local industries in the fields of investment incentives; science and technology; production premises; market information; credit, finance; training, developing capacity management and other related fields.

9. Organize industrial promotion activities and public policies as prescribed by law.

10. Implement advisory activities: developing industry and local trade:

a. Consult about projects planning:Industrial development planning, handicrafts; planning zones and industrial clusters; electricity planning; local trade planning;

b. Investment consultant in the industrial, commercial and civil infrastructures;

c. Consult about natural resources exploitation and processing; about safety regulations and adjustment of drilling equipments, blasting machines in mineral activities and construction using in industrial explosives;

d. Consult about the field of cleaner production, industrial hygiene, food safety; implement consultancy and supervision; verification and evaluation of project engineering, technical projects and other commercial industries in accordance with law.

11. Implement activities in the field of energy savings, including:

a. Develop projects and programs to save energy and to participate in building up the legal documents related to energy issues, forming the policy into energy savings in the province;

b. Consult about building up energy calibration for sectors such as construction, industry, communications and traffics; participate in the construction, program planning short, medium and long term in order to limit energy loss;

c. Build up database about power; estimate, build up strategy, plant to use new kind of powers, clean powers, recycled powers;

d. Consult, build up and deploy models using energy management and efficiency savings in the industrial factories and  handicrafts;

e. Implement measures for energy auditing, technical solutions in order to save and use energy efficiently in consuming energy facilities; consult, technology transfer, purchase devices, high-performance technology, energy saving;

 f. Advise support funds, preferential budgets to invest in energy savings; support the industrial bases, handicraft connect to policies and concessional resources in the application of energy-saving measures, investment in new production lines, expand production scale, develop new products, innovation and application for science and technology, product quality management and environmental protection;

g. Knowledge trainning to use energy in an efficient way, performing high-performance technology to save energy; organize training on energy management for management staffs and technical staffs; propaganda, information, promotion and implementation of activities to save energy; organizing conferences and seminars;

h. Survey, measure and evaluate energy saving in facilities energy consuming, including industrial production units in the fields of: mining industry; mechanical engineering; metallurgical; chemistry; textile and leather shoes; production of building materials; electricity, gas, water and facilities and commercial services, buildings, urban lighting system;

i. Cooperate, link to domestic and foreign organizations and individuals to provide technical solutions, devices equipped with high performance and energy saving. Gather up expert’s forces of the sectors to implement programs and projects (national and international organizations) on the use of energy saving and efficiency;


12. Implement activities of the investment promotion industrial development; international cooperation in the field of industrial promotion; build up and promote brand under the promotion schemes and programs.


13. Implementing periodic and extraordinary reports on the Center’s results at the request of the Department of Industry and Trade, Local Industry Authority under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

14. Recommend superior to reward organizations and individuals that archieved in activities to support and encourage the development of local industry.


15. Manage officials, employees, finances and assets of the Centre in accordance with the law for public service units.


16. Perform other tasks as assigned by the Director of the Department of Industry and Trade.