Communicators training about using the energy economically and efficiently in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province.

Carrying out the program " national target about using  energy economically and effectively suplemented in 2014, in the days from 13th to 14th Nonember, 2015, industry promotion, consultant and development center in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province combined with Clean Energy limited liability company- An Dan and provincial Women's associations to organize a training course"communicators training about using the energy economically and efficiently in  Ba Ria - Vung Tau province." in Ba Ria city and Dat Do district for more than 100 officials and members, Women's associations club came from Ba Ria city, Tan Thanh, Chau Duc, Long Dien, Dat Do, Xuyen Moc districts


         Ms Nguyen Thi Thao - vice chairman of Women's associations , Ba Ria city

In this course, participators were guided by lecturers how to identify forms of energy, the benefits of using energy economically and effectively and how to use the energy economically and effectively; the solotions of design and using the electrical equipments at home such as fridges, computers, electric rice cookers, electric fans, air conditioners, lights, water boiling the best way to save energy; participators  grasped how to use the equipments in households in the most effective way and the energy was consumed at least but they still met their needs in using energy. At the same time, some kinds of compact lights, leds lights were introduced to participators to replace some lighting equipments consumed to much energy at home in order to save the consumpsed energy and make the time of use longer, reduce the  state of children's myopia.

Through the guidance about solutions of using energy economically and effectively in households and the way to recognize energy labels, female trainees had time to discuss and share enthusiastically about the way and  difficulties  in using these equipments as well as their suspicion about the new energy saving equipments in their houses.  From these elements, some  interactive exercises were offered for lecturers and  participators to solve their inquiries in the propaganda at home, units, and local region in the most effective way.

                 Students share the way to use the equipments at home.

Officials and members of Women's associations came from districts, cities in local province were provided the knowledge to use the energy at home economically, effectively, and helpfully not only for themselves  but also for the community, especially 100 communicators were trained to be core forces in the propaganda fundamentalist of knowledge and the way of using energy saving devices for more than 3000 households that registered to join in the program, year 2015, changed the awareness and behavior to use energy economically and effectively

Cong Nam