Training in knowledge dissemination about cleaner production for industrial production establishments in BR-VT province.

 From 3rd to 5th of september, 2015 , BR-VT industrial promotion and  development consultant center  collaborated with the Environment & Natural Resources service consultant center- the Environment & Natural Resources university in HCM city to organize the course called "training in knowledge dissemination about cleaner production for industrial production establishments in BR-VT province"  for more than 100 delegates from Economy & Infrastructure chambers, districts, cities,  industrial promotion collaborators and delegates of  industry production establishments in the province

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                                   The photo of training course in BR city

In the course, Master Nguyễn Thị Truyền, the  expert of cleaner production(CP) disseminated the environmental polution prolems that related to some of current enterprises and provided some environment protection rules, solutions to control the polution in order to limit the level of pollution increase and make the environment cleaner. besides, master Nguyễn Thị Truyền also analyzed the causes of material disadvantages in the production process followed the waste stream, the possibility in applying the solutions, CP techniques on the different steps in the manufacturing process in order to help the industrial production establishments control effectively the waste of raw materials and save the consumption of energy, raw materials to cut down the input expenses and reduce the polution but the effect of out put production still guaranteed. the awareness about the benefits in applying SP in the maufacturing of enterprises continued to increase.

In addition to the above contents, Master Nguyen Thi Truyen also introduced some solutions/ models as well as shared the experiences of some successful production establishment in applying Cleaner Production by means of actual images before and after the implementation of the solutions that Master had collected during the survey and appreciation about CP and helped the leaders of industrial production facilities to know thoroughly the feasibility of cleaner production model.

In the morning of 04th September,2015, to attend training sessions there is Amarnath Reddy - senior advisor of LCEE project - Low Carbon transformation project in the field of energy saving expressed his desire to have a cooperation with the appropriate authorities in order to support industrial production facilities for better deployment of energy-saving activities.

Attending training courses, Mr Reddy Amarnath introduced the program" Green Investment Support " (GIF) - the Danish government's support fund for program of Vietnam nation's purpose about using the energy economically and effectively(VNEEP). GIF's subjects were small and medium enterprises in Vietnam, operated in 3 fields of brick, pottery and making food , intended to invest  in the energy saving solutions to reduce a part of consumsed energy or the emission of the amount of CO2 into the environment during the manufacturing process.

The mode of GIF support include:

- Credit guarantee for up to 50% of the value of loans in order to  invest in energy saving solutions.

- Compensate energy saving up to 30% of the value of loans, depending on the level of energy saving / CO2 emissions.

Accordingly, the project would provide financial support for businesses experiencing difficulties in loans for the  investment of energy-saving activities. The minimum of loan's level of businesses was  $ 20,000 and  maximum was $ 200,000 with a $ 10,000 guarantee  for the minimum and  $ 100,000 for the maximum. In particular, ANZ Bank was delegated to be the only bank holding energy saving fund of the Denmark Embassy with a value of 6.5 million USD, the interest rate of loan was discussed directly by businesses and bank.

Generally, after three days of training, the business leaders and the industrial production establishments in  BR-VT  province were equipped  the basic knowledge about the application of cleaner production in manufacture in order to save the environment and help the industrial production establishments more and more develop through saving the production cost.

Ms My Dung